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Pending decision to close several mine shafts Amplats mine closures to create devastating consequences for SMEs
The potential loss of 14 000 jobs, amidst Anglo American Platinum’s (Amplats) pending decision to close several mine shafts, has come as devastating news to the mineworkers involved.
04 Feb 2013
NUM welcomes 60-day stay of Amplats retrenchments NUM welcomes Amplats decision
The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has welcomed the decision by mining giant, Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) to suspend the retrenchment of up to 14 000 workers by 60 days
29 Jan 2013
Amplats to give clarity on retrechment plans Outcomes announced today by Amplats
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) is today expected to announce the outcome of the talks with different stakeholders, regarding its planned retrenchments of 14 000 employees.
28 Jan 2013 - U. R.
Amplats to make up for job losses Amplats to create job opportunities for those lost through retrenchment
Platinum miner Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) says it will create other job opportunities, following its announcement earlier this week that the jobs of up to 14 000 mineworkers are in jeopardy.
18 Jan 2013
Amplats' plan to shed 14 000 jobs 'shocking' Everyone is surprised
Anglo American Platinum’s plan to shed “up to” 14 000 jobs has again led to industrial unrest in the Rustenburg area
16 Jan 2013
Amplats expecting to post year-end loss Illegal action creates expected loss
JSE-listed Anglo American Platinum has warned shareholders to expect a loss, due mostly to two months of illegal industrial action last year.
15 Jan 2013
Platinum mines to increase Zim output Amplats planning a new mine in Zimbabwe
Anglo American Platinum Limited, the world’s biggest platinum producer, is planning a new mine in Zimbabwe through its subsidiary, Unki Mine
19 Nov 2012
Most mining strikers return to work Gold producers are slowly getting back into operation
Gold producers represented by the Chamber of Mines are slowly getting back into operation following an addendum to the 2011 to 2013 wage agreement
30 Oct 2012
Illegal strikers fired by the thousands Striking miners are losing money as well as their jobs
Miners who take part in illegal strikes are not only losing out on pay, but also their jobs considering thousands of dismissals over the past ten days.
10 Oct 2012 - U. R.
Amplats deadline for strikers extended Amplats issues a statement regarding deadline
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) has extended its deadline for workers to return for duty until Monday, it said in a statement issued on Friday.
25 Sep 2012


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