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MINING INDABA VIDEO: SRK Chairman Roger Dixon on Energy crisis, Mechanisation & Fracking
SRK Consulting Chairman Roger Dixon gives the straight talk to Gregory Simpson at 2015 Mining Indaba in Cape Town. Covering Energy, Shale and Commodities to name a few.
18 Feb 2015
Shale gas extraction New techniques could hold economic promise for Africa
Several African countries have potentially viable shale gas deposits, which, if developed, could lead to lower gas prices, increased consumption of natural gas, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
17 Oct 2013 - A.
Energy 2020 Clear signs that Fracking is on the cards
In a General Notice, published by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Bomo Edna Molewa, dated 23 August 2013, there is a clear indication that the state intends to allow exploration.
11 Sep 2013
Unearthed – we get the inside scoop Video Interview: Jolynn Minnaar
Afrikaans girl from the Karoo, Jolynn Minnaar, is making waves with her controversial new documentary about hydraulic fracturing. Veteran journo Tony Sanderson sat down with the charismatic lady.
07 Jun 2013
Shale gas comes under microscope Recommended practice for entire life cycle of shale gas extraction
Industry watchdog, Det Norske Veritas, has launched a recommended practice for the entire life cycle of shale gas extraction, based on risk management principles and industry best practices
15 Mar 2013 - D.
Shale gas fracking solution found? Apex announces solution
American oil field services management company, Apex Management Group, has announced "a game-changing solution that dramatically reduces the cost and environmental impact" of fracking.
10 Jan 2013 - U. R.
Shale Gas exploration gets cautious OK
"Shale gas exploration in the Karoo, a water scarce region in South Africa, has been given a very conditional green light by the SA government. Minister of Mineral Resources Susan Shabangu
13 Sep 2012
Environment Shell confident about fracking future as government investigates technology
Shell confident that government is gaining a better understanding of the technology behind fracking and the advantages it can offer industry.
09 Jul 2012 - J. F.


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