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Women in mining Cultivating an environment that promotes women in mining
In 1996, the first woman in South Africa was permitted underground and after only 22 years in the industry, it was ranked number one worldwide for female representation at board
11 Oct 2018
Health and safety A risky business
They contend with fire hazards and flammables, unsafe chemicals, high voltage equipment and even simply dodging heavy beams as they move across a warehouse. Even the most alert
11 Oct 2018
Substance Abuse In Mines Better control with broader understanding
The first priority for any mine is keeping workers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol off the site. However, to manage and reduce incidents of abuse, a broader
13 Jun 2018 - R. E. -. A. S.
Cyber Security The risks and rewards of meshing physical and cyber security
The emergence of cloud or Internet-based devices, such as smart meters and smart CCTV cameras, is expanding the reach of traditional security measures and enabling a host of
13 Jun 2018 - S. V. -. C. R. S.
Promoting Safety And Health At Work Northern Cape Mine Workers Honoured For Promoting Safety And Health At Work
The Northern Cape Mine Managers Association (NCMMA) and Kalagadi manganese have honoured employees who adhere and promote safety, health and environmental conditions in the
02 Nov 2017
Health and safety Salica and its diseases
Silica is found in many sands, stones and rocks, and in the products containing them. The mineral is abundant, one of the most common on earth. The form of silica of concern to
20 Sep 2017
On-Site Safety TDS Projects Construction Sets a New Benchmark for On-Site Safety
TDS Projects Construction has reached another major milestone in its health and safety record, building on previous benchmarks to have now reached a total 16 808 injury free
23 Feb 2017
Media release Conveyor belt fire safety: A new proactive way of thinking
Advanced Automated Systems was chosen to present its developments in proactive conveyor belt fire protection at MineSAFE 2015
09 Jun 2016
Health and safety Making train tunnels safer
Rail tunnel fires are rare, but when they do occur the consequences can be catastrophic, particularly if they involve passenger trains which cannot be driven out of the tunnel.
13 Apr 2016
Health and safety Less accidents recorded on N4 Toll Route this Easter
Trans African Concessions (TRAC) would like to announce a decrease in the number of accidents on the South African section of the N4 Toll Route during the 2016 Easter weekend.
31 Mar 2016


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