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Virtual Gas Network Natural Gas: Fuelling the Future
Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fuel source that is formed deep beneath the earth's surface, it contains many different compounds, primarily methane. Although considered
14 Mar 2019
The natural gas revolution in South Africa A changing energy landscape
Recent on- and off-shore discoveries of globally significant quantities of natural gas in Southern Africa – including trillions of cubic metres of natural gas in the Rovuma
04 Dec 2018
NATURAL GAS Canada's exploration into LNG
Canada, the world’s third largest producer of natural gas, is starting to use more of this fuel for off­ road applications, particularly to remote industrial plants, ferries, and mines
01 Apr 2015
Shale gas comes under microscope Recommended practice for entire life cycle of shale gas extraction
Industry watchdog, Det Norske Veritas, has launched a recommended practice for the entire life cycle of shale gas extraction, based on risk management principles and industry best practices
15 Mar 2013 - D.


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