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CRITICAL COMMENT Global unions converge in Mongolia in campaign for workers’ rights
Leaders of IndustriALL Global Union’s Rio Tinto Network will gather in Mongolia on 22 October to plan the next moves in the worldwide campaign to improve worker rights at the mining giant.
23 Oct 2014
Labour strategies Mines, state must unravel migrant labour
Strategies to resolve South Africa’s mining milieu will need to include drastic moves towards a settled labour force and a pro-active dismantling of the migrant labour system.
28 Aug 2013
The bigger picture Are current models of contract mining supporting sustainability?
One of the lessons from last year’s violence at Marikana is that the current trend to contract labour in South African mining is not sustainable in its current form.
19 Aug 2013
Politics Forum to work for peace on SA mines
The government, police and mining stakeholders have launched a mine crime combating forum to tackle continuing unrest and restore calm in South Africa's mining sector.
15 Aug 2013
Mining Indaba Resource nationalism new form of mercantilism
Dr David Humphreys, principal at DaiEcon Advisors, says resource nationalism is the new form of mercantilism in the 21st Century. Humphrey’s was speaking at the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba.
06 Feb 2013


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