2014 Mining Indaba

African Investment Opportunities Take Center Stage


The recent cyclical turbulence in global mining has strengthened Africa's position as one of the few remaining ground-floor mining investment opportunities. More than 8000 professionals attend the annual Investing in African Mining Indaba™ because of its established history of showcasing emerging and lucrative opportunities in African mining.

Investors come each year to conduct their due diligence, and make the connections and deals that have led to years of successful business relationships. The 2014 event will continue the same tradition. Attending the 20th annual Investing in African Mining Indaba™ will be your best mining investment opportunity in 2014 and for the following reasons:

A number of African countries are opening up to new mining investments or expanding. African mining is expected to gain momentum in 2014 and beyond

Africa has become the site of almost 75% of Chinese foreign mining investment and projected to grow in 2013 with the country's 8.3% forecast in 2013*

7 out of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies will be located in sub-Saharan Africa*

West Africa's mining sector is set to grow rapidly as investment pours into the region's phenomenal mineral wealth*

For all of these reasons and more, Africa presents tremendous opportunities for global investors. At the annual Mining Indaba you will hear why from dozens of mining executives, more than 30 African mining delegations, and from non-African government delegations.

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