About Mining Prospectus Issue 38
Mining Prospectus, launched in 2011, has been providing insightful content to business decision-makers and procurers within the South African mining sector and has developed a
13 Jun 2018
Editor's Note Entering a new dimension
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite business-to-business mining quarterly. We’ve hardly had time to take a breath since the last time we touched
13 Jun 2018
An innovative staffing solution! Innovative Staffing Solutions goes the extra mile to take care of its employees
Innovative Staffing Solutions goes the extra mile to take care of its employees, who are thus in turn able to deliver industry-leading services to the company’s clients The
13 Jun 2018
Engineering Engineering a dynamic future
One of the global powerhouses in the pursuit of excellence in mining has been the German multi-national, thyssenkrupp, which has had an office in South Africa since 1959 and
13 Jun 2018
Skills Development Digging a little deeper
Most people recognise the key role that mining plays in the economy, as well as the fact that the metal uncovered enables many facets of modern life, including those rectangular
13 Jun 2018
Substance Abuse In Mines Better control with broader understanding
The first priority for any mine is keeping workers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol off the site. However, to manage and reduce incidents of abuse, a broader
13 Jun 2018 - R. E. -. A. S.
Cyber Security The risks and rewards of meshing physical and cyber security
The emergence of cloud or Internet-based devices, such as smart meters and smart CCTV cameras, is expanding the reach of traditional security measures and enabling a host of
13 Jun 2018 - S. V. -. C. R. S.
Tanzania Mining Tanzania Mining event to provide clarity on new legislation and regulations passed this year
The Tanzanian government has overhauled the fiscal and regulatory regime of its Mining sector this year. Under 9 new regulations which the mining ministry passed this year,
13 Jun 2018
Positively Impacting The People Nweti Construction – an infrastructure and construction company to be reckoned with
Our biggest currency as a company and as a stakeholder is quality. It is through quality works that we continue to secure repeat business, harness and enhance our relationships
13 Jun 2018


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