Health and Safety
Substance Abuse In Mines Better control with broader understanding
The first priority for any mine is keeping workers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol off the site. However, to manage and reduce incidents of abuse, a broader
13 Jun 2018 - R. E. -. A. S.
Health and safety Making train tunnels safer
Rail tunnel fires are rare, but when they do occur the consequences can be catastrophic, particularly if they involve passenger trains which cannot be driven out of the tunnel.
13 Apr 2016
OHS Promoting a culture of sustainable prevention
Gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand in 1885 and just one year later the city of Johannesburg was founded. Even in these early days, the pioneering miners of the reef suffered from chest disease due to the
25 Jan 2016
MINER SAFETY Busting hearing protection myths
A safety manager hears the excuses dozens of time, the reasons why a worker doesn’t want to wear the required hearing protection in noise-hazardous areas.
25 Sep 2014
RISK MANAGEMENT Managing risks associated to strikes critical for SA business
The on-going riots and labour disruptions in the platinum industry is causing South African businesses to continually feel the impacts of strikes, which is damaging economic
02 Jun 2014
PERSONAL LIABILITY Environmental damage high on list of executive liability
A recent landmark court ruling has ensured that directors can be held personally liable for the environmental damage caused by their companies. The managing director of
09 May 2014
Health and safety Getting real about HIV
Let’s put HIV into context; 1 out of every 5 people you meet and greet in Sub-Saharan Africa is HIV+ve.
05 May 2014
MINING SAFETY Busting the most common myths about wearing hearing protection
A safety manager hears the excuses dozens of time ... the reasons why a worker doesn’t want to wear the required hearing protection in noise-hazardous areas. Some of the
23 Apr 2014
Water management Female employees at Anglo American lead the way
Two female Anglo American employees are heading up a groundbreaking water management programme that is reaffirming the company’s vision to be a leader in mine water management
27 Mar 2013
A strategic focus on the importance of pre-emptive inspection and maintenance in the mining industry.
09 Jul 2012
Responsible Practice Taking the lead - out of pipes
SAVA is the global frontrunner in eliminating lead stabilisers during the local manufacture of PVC piping products, according to environmentally and socially responsible members in the industry.
06 Jul 2012
International Predictions Steel consumption growth forecast
Global steel demand could be affected by China's current growth phase and the Eurozone's debt crisis.
06 Jul 2012

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