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Platinum Mines continue offloading stock


Platinum has become a dominant resource in the South African mining and export sector, with the world’s eyes looking towards this for profitability and sustainable productivity, as recently noted by Anglo CEO Mark Cutifani.

However, productivity and profits continue to remain capricious due to labour unrest and marginal mine activities. Given the current environment and lengthy production cycles, there is an increasing focus on maximizing efficiency and freeing up redundant assets. Through online mining auctions, an increasing amount of platinum mines are offloading their redundant or excess stock to achieve this.

“It is for this reason that structured supply chain management and rigorous procurement policies must be adopted and adhered to,” states a Business Improvement Manager from one of the major mining houses. Listed mines and major contractors have moved beyond shying away from poor historical purchasing decisions and the subsequent scurrying away of incorrectly acquired parts, plant and equipment (into innumerable storage yards across the mines).

“The time has come to clean up shop, free up capital and boost the coffers as each contribution counts towards not just profitability, but a mindset of prudent leadership and supply chain management,” says MD Ariella Kuper of online mining auction house Clear Asset.

Clear Asset hosts monthly auctions for used OEM plant and equipment on behalf of the major platinum and gold mines across SA. Bidding is open to the public both locally and globally. “It is a participatory mindset on all levels”, says Kuper. ‘’Refurbishing entrepreneurs, traders and end-users across Africa have interest either in the OEM parts or the entire asset - aged or prime - as these items carry intrinsic value for rebuilding equipment or servicing short term contracts, prospecting or spare equipment for junior miners.’’

The next Clear Asset auction closes on Tuesday 29 October 2013 and includes stock from Eqstra (prime OEM New Holland parts), Bidvest (various forklifts, trailers, 40ton container handles and Nissan & Toyota 4x4 LDV’s) and a variety of CAT Dozers and cranes from likes of Anglo Gold Ashanti andcontractors whose projects have ended.

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