Demag's high capacity winch cranes

Fast, Safe and Reliable


Demag’s compac tHigh Capacity Winches can handle loads of up to 500T. With its outstanding combination of size and lifting capacity the HCW creates a full range of solutions for power stations, shipyards and heavy mechanical engineering applications.

By using them as tandem units, their lifting capacity can be increased to 1000T. HCW open winch units can be configured tomeet the customers’ needs thanks to their modular system design, without theneed for any additional design or developmentwork.

The load on the crane superstructure canbe significantly reduced due to the low hoist unit

deadweight.HCW hoist units are equipped with wear-resistant components, ideal for harsh African environments, and offer good accessibility for service andmaintenance. They can also be used to modernise existing crane installations where little space is available.

Demag’s open winch units are ultra-reliable and offer optimum approach dimensions to utilise the existing floor area .Depending on their design, the 4 or 6-wheelcrabs ensure uniform distribution of the loadon the crane girders.

Many additional options are available according to customer needs, such as single or double hooks, a motor-driven design and a hook position that can be lockedat increments of 90°.

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