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HPE Africa launches -9 Series of Hyundai wheel loaders to SA market

HPE Africa launches -9 Series of Hyundai wheel loaders to SA market
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High Power Equipment (HPE) Africa – the sole distributor of Hyundai earth-moving equipment in southern Africa – kick-started the new year by officially launching its range of new and improved Hyundai -9 Series wheel loaders in February 2013, including the HL730-9, HL740-9, HL 760-9 and HL 780-9. 

The HL730-9 is the smallest in the new range and has an operating weight of 9.8 tonnes, a maximum bucket capacity of 1.9 cubic metres and a maximum digging force of 89.7kN; while the 12-tonne HL740-9 has a maximum bucket capacity of 2.3m3 and a maximum digging force of 116.5kN. 

With an operating weight of 17.9 tonnes, a maximum bucket capacity of 4.1m³, and a maximum digging force of 159kN, the HL 760-9 wheel loader is ideally suited for truck-loading applications in the coal mining, quarrying and municipal sectors. The larger 30-tonne HL 780-9 wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 6.8m³, with a maximum digging force of 233kN, and will be aimed at earth-moving contractors operating at larger mining projects across southern Africa.  

HPE Africa general manager Neil Sauls points out that one of the most important features on the new -9 Series is the new transmission system. "The latest innovation from Hyundai Heavy Industries is the placement of variable operating modes into the transmission, which ensures the vehicle is not fully automatic, but instead offers the operator four driving modes."

These include manual mode, auto light mode, auto normal mode and auto heavy mode – each suited to varying terrains and loads for optimal performance. Sauls adds: "A variable transmission means that the correct amount of power is supplied for a particular application, thereby ensuring substantial fuel savings."

He highlights the fact that all the Hyundai -9 wheel loaders boast a variable clutch cut-off system with a low, medium and high mode. "This system includes an automatic clutch inside the transmission, which ensures improved cycle times and further savings on diesel. The -9 Series of wheel loaders also has a full four-point loading system on the loading tower, which is bolted directly onto the chassis to ensure heavy-duty capabilities."

According to Sauls, the Hyundai -9 wheel loader operator cabs come standard with an advanced 5.7-inch eye-level display monitor for increased operator comfort. "An eye-level monitor means that the operator never has to look down to read gauges, which is ideal for safety and accuracy. This monitor contains all the readings that the operator requires, and stores all the relevant data in a central processing unit. This data can be downloaded onto a USB device, thereby enabling the fleet manager or owner to analyse any necessary information."

Another advantage of the new range is the fact that it is powered by the C8.3 diesel engine manufactured by Cummins – a global leader in the manufacture, sales and servicing of diesel engines and related technology. Cummins C-Series engines also meet Tier II standards set out by the United States government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Compliance with EPA specifications ensures all Cummins engines minimise environmental damage by generating clean power, while increasing fuel efficiency and lowering operating costs – without affecting the power of the engine.

Sauls believes that HPE Africa’s unrivalled after-sales and technical support adds to the value of the Hyundai -9 Series of wheel loaders. “HPE Africa places a high priority on offering committed and dedicated after-sales and technical support to all its clients, regardless of time or location. This value-added service has led to the HPE Africa brand and its product offering being the preferred supplier to the African market,” he concludes. 

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