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Were you the child who dreamed of lifting the cup in a packed stadium amid cheers from fans chanting your name? Or the child who envisioned a life of performing under the spotlight in front of adoring admirers? Our childhood dreams sometimes transform into adult goals and ambitions. And sometimes we adjust them to the realities of life.  

But regardless of how extravagant or how modest, we all have goals. From learning how to drive to losing weight, and everything in between! And a lot of the time, these goals involve the need for money. A car, a renovated kitchen, a holiday, an education for your children or even a new washing machine – they all cost money, and usually, you have to commit to a lot of time, effort and discipline to save up enough to afford them.

It might not happen often enough, but every now and then, a lump sum of money falls into our lap. It could be an unexpected retrenchment package, a well-deserved bonus, a stokvel pay-out, a lottery windfall or a hard-earned pension pay-out at the end of a long career. 

Whether it’s planned or not, putting a lump sum to good use is undoubtedly in your best interest. Realising your goal becomes even more of a reality in situations like this, but even if you don’t have immediate plans on how to use your money, putting it aside in a safe, interest-paying investment for a rainy day or for a future purchase just makes sense. If your lump sum isn’t enough to secure your goal right now, putting it into an investment with a high interest rate will give you just the boost you need.

A Fixed Deposit from ubank is the perfect place to put your money. The time, effort and discipline are all taken care of for you with a Fixed Deposit. What’s more, it’s simple and it’s all up to you. You decide exactly how much you’d like to invest – as long as you invest a minimum of R1000. You decide how long you’d like to invest your money for – as long as it’s between 3 and 60 months. And you decide where you would like your monthly interest earnings to be paid – to your ubank savings account or transactional account.

With a ubank Fixed Deposit, you make just one deposit – no additional amounts can be added onto your investment. And your money needs to stay in the account for the period of time you choose.

This way you earn a higher interest rate – because you can’t withdraw your funds until the end of the period.

How long should you invest for?

How long you decide to invest for is entirely up to you. ubank allows you to choose an investment period from a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 60 months. The longer your money is invested, the more interest you will earn on your investment. And the interest rate that is applied to your Fixed Deposit is determined by the investment period you choose.  So*, if you have R500 000 or more to invest for 60 months, you can earn up to 10.25% per annum in interest.

How do you apply for a fixed deposit?

It’s really easy. Just bring the following with you to your nearest ubank branch and a consultant will complete the application form with you:

  • Your green bar-coded South African ID book, smart card or a valid South African passport
  • Proof of your physical address (not older than 3 months)
  • Your latest payslip/legitimate source of funds
  • A minimum deposit of R1 000
  • A savings or transactional account for the interest to be paid into  

Take control of your future and achieve your goals with a Fixed Deposit from ubank. Come into a branch and speak to one of our consultants or call us on 086000 8322 for more information. 

Find out more…

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Phone the ubank call centre. Visit any ubank branch to apply today!

* Interest of 10.25% for an amount of R500 000k is not guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply.

086000 8322

Ubank is an authorised financial services and registered credit provider (FSP 14740) (NCRCP21).

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