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Imperial implements stringent driver training

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Lucky Maluleke, HSS Executive of Imperial Logistics, explains the rationale behind the new, driver training policy: “Our high quality drivers have always been the backbone of our transportation service offering. By establishing a systematic and standardised approach for the assessment and training of new and current drivers, we aim to further enhance their quality and efficiency, and optimise our contribution to reducing the number of accidents and incidents on South African roads.”

Imperial’s new policy includes minimum training standards for all of the group’s drivers, and incorporates a pre-employment procedure, formal induction training, compulsory annual refresher training programmes and continuous improvement courses for drivers.

Maluleke stresses that the policy takes Imperial’s unwavering commitment to road safety to a new level. Driving skills are just one element of Imperial’s approach, he notes, and adds that the group has also put the health and wellbeing of drivers under the spotlight. “In addition to pre-employment medical assessments, Imperial drivers will undergo regular wellness-focused training, including workshops on fatigue management, HIV/Aids and personal financial wellbeing.

“Our continuous improvement training includes modules on incident and accident root causes and customer care. In addition, planned and unplanned job observation has been provided for, as well as ongoing defensive driving training,” he expands. “Invaluable learning resources have been produced for our group companies and their drivers, including defensive driving and fatigue management resources.”

“This policy complements the activities that form part of the Imperial Road Safety campaign, through which the group, as one of South Africa’s biggest road users and a leader in mobility, aims to promote road safety in every respect,” Maluleke concludes.

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