New paths of economic opportunity pave way for growth in Southern Africa


Mining has long been one of Africa’s economic strengths. Now, with the development and improvement of major transport routes that not only enable the growth of the mining industry but other industries alike, new paths of opportunity are opening the way to economic strengthening in Africa.

One such development is the rehabilitation of Zambia’s Great East Road and another, the Nacala Corridor Project – one of the largest mining and construction projects to date internationally.

Not only does the Great East Road link central Zambia to its eastern province, but it also reaches to the Nacala Corridor which links Zambia and Malawi to Mozambique’s port of Nacala. Yet another common link between these two developments is a company who was responsible for the delivery of prefabricated workforce housing at the construction sites of each project – Kwikspace Modular Buildings (Kwikspace).

In order for the completion of these projects to be possible, there are numerous components which need to be in place ‘behind the scenes’; one being comfortable housing for workers involved in the projects. As such, Kwikspace, Africa’s leader in prefabricated buildings, was awarded a contract by Mota-Engil, an international industrial conglomerate, to set up two separate accommodation camps whilst the work on the Great East Road is underway.

As the rehabilitation of this road is an extensive project which entails the improvement of approximately 360 kilometres of highway, Kwikspace was tasked to set up these two camps 200km apart from one another, at Kacholola and Mtenguleni to accommodate the client and the construction company responsible for the physical construction of the road.

Having commenced in October 2013, the accommodation project went smoothly and Kwikspace operated hand-in-hand with Mota-Engil who was responsible for the transport of the containers to site. Kwikspace’s project and support teams, including its supply chain department worked together closely to achieve the tight deadlines and completed the project in March 2014.

The set up of the two camps included the supply of materials, furniture and fittings, as well as the loading, packaging and erection of semi-permanent housing facilities, kitchens, diners, offices and converted containers. For projects of this nature which often require relocation as the road development progresses, Kwikspace’s mobile units are an ideal solution.

In February 2014, Kwikspace completed the set up of a 700-man accommodation camp at Nacala, having been contracted by a large international mining company. Furthermore, as part of the Nacala Corridor Project, Kwikspace erected support buildings, offices and canteens for two additional camps along the railway line in Malawi. Thus, Kwikspace has made a significant footprint in the mining industry and has established a strong presence across Sub-Saharan Africa having been involved in numerous projects of this kind.

Although a South African based company, Kwikspace has had extensive experience across the continent over a period of 40 years and is thus familiar with the requirements and logistics working cross-border. Furthermore Kwikspace is equipped to reach remote locations where mining projects often take place. Therefore its products are sought-after as a rapidly deployed solution which allows for flexibility in terms of size, mobility and duration as its units may be rented for various periods of time.

Kwikspace has been active in Zambia over the past 10 years and has worked on a number of mining accommodation camps in the country. Looking forward, Kwikspace furthermore plans to open a branch in Zambia so as to extend its reach to clients most efficiently in the region.

Comments Nick Alexander, Director of Business Development for Kwikspace Modular Buildings in Africa: “It is always rewarding to be involved with projects of this magnitude that offer great value to Southern African countries and their economies. We look forward to further involvement in Zambia and a stronger presence with the opening of our branch in the near future.”

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