KPMG to field experts at Mining Indaba

Business opportunities as investors arrive

Business opportunities as investors arrive
Mining Indaba

There is no denying that Africa offers compelling business opportunities as investors flood to the continent, which is said to be the final frontier of natural resources. While some business opportunities may appear to be incredibly risky, headstrong investors with a risk-versus-reward appetite and a long-term investment plan have come to realise the great rewards that can be gained in the continent’s mining climate.

This is certainly not to say that investing in African mines is not without ongoing challenges – quite to the contrary. In fact, some of the key mining challenges in Africa include; mergers and acquisitions (M&As), labour unrest, cost optimisation and implementing efficient operational excellence strategies.

Despite these, however, the future of the mining industry in Africa looks bright with growing investments originating from – but not excluded to – China, Brazil and Canada. 

Should you be interested in obtaining further comment on the complex environment and nature of investing in African mines, KPMG has a team of expert advisors who are available in the lead up to and over the course of the 2013 Africa Mining Indaba.

The 18th Annual Investing in African Mining Indaba taking place in Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 6 - 9 February 2012, will have as one of its major focus; the correlation between the sustainability and profitability of mining operations.

KPMG will also have a team of global and Africa mining specialists on-the-ground at the Indaba, who will be available to meet with you and cut through the complexities affecting the Mining industry in Africa, including: 

  • The potential impact of portfolio management in light of recent events
  • Social contract to operate and how Boards deal with this
  • What future operating models of mining companies may look like – productivity remains a big driver
  • Renewal of social and labour plans in 2014 and how they may change
  • Audit and assurance – what Boards of directors should know
  • New developments in mining taxes. 
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