Next Generation Leadership

Developing Responsible Leadership for Positive change
An new and exciting partnership between Rhodes Business School and Anglo American, and the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (“GRLI”), is geared  to play an important role in  the field of sustainability to develop the next generation of responsible leaders. By joining GRLI, the business school and mining and natural resource giant will become part of an international network of companies and learning institutions uniquely focused on developing the next generation of globally responsible leaders.
The partnership (a prime example of the private sector and educational institutions joining hands), 
will create an opportunity for South African members to communicate with many of the world's leading players in the field of sustainability to develop the next generation of responsible leaders. The GRLI engages in thought leadership, advocacy and projects to achieve measurable impact. 
Rhodes Business School embraces the integration of sustainability considerations into the MBA programme, which is closely aligned with the sustainable development integration focus that Anglo American has adopted, making this an ideal partnership. 
Rhodes Business School’s Director, Professor Owen Skae, says: “Rhodes Business School is extremely excited about this partnership. Our focus on the teaching and researching of responsible leadership, within the context of engaged business being a force for positive change in an integrated society is delivering a very strong message. Working with a global company of the stature of Anglo American is just marvellous for us.”
When the university embarked on its mission to join the GRLI, its criteria for a corporate partner was simple, but clear, says Leticia Greyling (senior lecturer and coordinating sustainability integration at the school). “We looked for an organization that truly believes in sustainability and responsible leadership, and adopts this across its strategy and operations and Anglo American is a leader in this field having embedded sustainability into the heart of its operations.”
Anglo American is at the forefront of sustainable development in South Africa with initiatives such as the Zimele enterprise development programme, which currently employs 19 500 people and has been globally recognised as an effective model for helping to produce SMMEs that are not only able to survive but become vibrant contributors to the local economy. Last year alone, the company's South African business units spent more than R509 million on various mine community development initiatives.
The GRLI currently has 71 partner organisations and is expanding rapidly. It has set a limit of 120 partners for the years to come in order to remain a fully integrated and action oriented global network, and to fulfill its unique role as a leading global catalyst for key challenges and future demands regarding how to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders.
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