Mining Security & Crisis Management to be discussed on 12-13 November in Cape Town

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The mining sector in the developing world is growing rapidly, but as investments pour into geopolitically challenging regions, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, companies often struggle with complex security considerations.

Fractured labour relations, theft of equipment and valuable minerals from mines, illegal mining, work place violence and community engagements challenges can pose major threats to security of mines.

As global resources dwindle, companies are venturing into ever more challenging geographical and geopolitical regions. Deeper and more technical sites can be problematic, and mitigating the associated new risk and threat environment is crucial to the long-term success of any project. Efficient, frequently revised and tested crisis management planning is essential for any mine to operate sustainably.

Terrorism and the potential impact on extractive industries across Africa is a growing concern, in 2013 the mining world was shocked by the deadly terrorist attack on the Areva mine in Niger, which was carried out by the Signed in Blood Batallion(AQIM).

It subsequently emerged that the assailants had meticulously studied their target and likely received inside help. Managing the flow of information and being highly alert to the insider threat is imperative for the security of mines; how to do this effectively will be an issue addressed at the Forum in November. In addition to physical security threats, there has also been a rise in cyber threats targeting the industry.

The Mining Security & Crisis Management Forum will address the above issues through a number of case studies, presentations and panel discussions. This meeting will provide delegates with the ideal platform to update their knowledge on how best to mitigate and prevent key challenges, and offer attendees the opportunity to share information and strategies with industry peers and relevant Governmental bodies, in a discrete setting.


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