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Three More Solutions for Clariant’s Sustainability Excellence EcoTain® label


Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals aims to be a front runner when it comes to raising the bar on environmental and social performance, and moving its business forward while capitalizing on new sustainable opportunities. 

As the cost of raw materials has increased, the industry is under increasing pressure to find ways of using fewer raw materials and less energy. With this, the chemical giant places the EcoTain® label only on products that have been certified with these four sustainable attributes: Sustainable Design, Responsible Process, Safe & Efficient Use and Eco-Integration.

This week, Clariant’s EcoTain Panel approved three more solutions for the organisation’s sustainabilty excellence including GlucoPure Sense - a surfactant for use in homecare products and improved version of the GlucoPure Sun (BU ICS); and two flame retardant solutions from the Additives Business Unit - Exolit AP 435 and Exolit IFR-36. This brings Clariant’s EcoTain grand total to 149 products across the companies four business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis, Natural Resources and Plastics & Coatings that have been awarded the EcoTain® label.

EcoTain® label makes Clariant’s sustainability efforts more visible

The EcoTain® label distinguishes Clariant products, which achieve best-in-class performance in one or several sustainability criteria and significantly exceed market standards. The label, based on the Portfolio Value Program, which screens products against a strict set of criteria, helps to make Clariant’s sustainability efforts visible to its customers.

So what can the EcoTain® label do for businesses?

·         Transparency: Transparency is the basis for trust. This is why Clariant has developed the PVP— the basis for the EcoTain® label—in close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. By making the PVP system and its underlying criteria transparent, the sustainability benefits become visible for customers.

·         Holism: For us, holism means considering the 3 sustainability dimensions People, Planet and Performance across the entire value chain of a product. This begins with raw material sourcing, development and production, and continues through use and disposal.

·         Trust: EcoTain® creates trust. Trust based on the knowledge that sustainability is more than a buzzword at Clariant, on transparent verification, on the criteria applied and on reliability.

·         Change: To remain viable in the future and ensure sustainability, we have to continuously evolve as a company. And with the PVP system and the EcoTain® label, we are able to initiate cultural change within Clariant.

·         Value: Clariant stands for value and appreciation. EcoTain® products have an extraordinary sustainability profile and customers can highlight their commitment to sustainability.

The EcoTain® concept stands for eco-compatible, economical and socio-economic. EcoTain® registered products are economically attractive, offering high cost efficiency through less waste generation and greater recycling opportunities and more efficient processes. This helps customers to achieve the desired formulation cost target without compromising on formulation properties. Clariant’s R&D efforts are focused on developing new products with low human toxicity, low environmental impact through high biodegradability and low ecotox, and the use of renewable resources.

EcoTain® highlights Clariant’s ongoing philosophy of managing its product portfolio and services to customers’ needs as well as the necessity to consequently develop products that are based on a sustainable raw material basis.

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