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Video Interview: Managing Environmental Risk

Miner safety is of paramount importance to the wellness of one’s workforce and ultimately your bottom line – as Dr Richard Malkin, Workforce Healthcare MD explains in an exclusive column for Mining Prospectus.

Mining is dangerous. Mines have to ensure their employees are protected from the hazards they face while working and that the environment is not harmed. Taking in mind that mining conditions are very different depending on location, type and size of the operation one still has to realise that mining in general affects miner wellness, provides harmful working conditions to miners, brings with it hazardous environmental situations and the potential of disease and affects the environment in a negative way.  

By understanding and being educated about the threats miners are faced with, as well as by taking precautions to reduce harm in all mines, miners and those within the mining community can better protect their health and improve their lives while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

(full article in July edtion of Mining Prospectus)

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