MechCaL Launches Repair Services Division


In this changing economy, companies are choosing to have equipment repaired instead of replaced, and as a result, MechCaL is expanding their service offering to include repairs.

This service will help support mines and businesses by ensuring that the equipment that they rely on everyday is always operational. MechCaL simplifies the process of managing needed repairs by properly diagnosing, repairing and promptly returning fans to working order to reduce downtime. MechCaL’s repair services division is currently under development and will soon be fully operational.

Although MechCaL has become best known for the design and manufacture of innovative power-saving fans, the repairs division adds yet another to a long list of additional services offered by MechCaL. MechCaL spokesperson and Managing Director, Professor Jan du Plessis says that the new division was conceptualised as a means of ensuring that their clients get the best out of MechCaL’s products.  

“The motivation behind this new service offering is to make sure that our products, old or new, perform optimally. This furthers our aim of providing the various industries that we supply to with the most efficient fans possible,” says Prof du Plessis. “In the past we have supported the traditional fan repairers and we continue to do that but it is becoming more common practice for OEM’s to remain responsible for repairs on their own products. By doing that, the mines then receive a virtually new unit once it is repaired.”

To date, MechCaL has secured an agreement with Lonmin to be their sole repairs provider. According to Prof du Plessis, MechCaL will be carrying out ad hoc repairs but will be aiming to sign dual contracts for supply and repair. “This will assist us in managing the long term quality control of products supplied to the market. In the very difficult current mining market this will allow us to expand our service offering as well as create an additional revenue stream.”

The types of repairs required by MechCaL’s clients differ widely and range from standard motor service and complete stripping to repair of damaged parts and repainting. Prof du Plessis says that MechCaL has the technical capabilities to extend the repair services to fans supplied by other manufacturers as well.

To support this expansion, MechCaL will be creating a dedicated space within their existing manufacturing facility to ensure that off-site repairs are handled by key staff. This placement of personnel and the repair area will assist in bringing prompt service to clients, once again, ensuring minimal downtime.

"MechCaL continues to develop capabilities and state of the art products designed to help ensure that our clients are provided quick turnaround on product orders and flexible service solutions," Prof du Plessis concludes.

About MechCaL:

MechCaL Pty Ltd was established in 2002 to design and manufacture industrial fans. The company has developed proprietary software that allows for high efficiency designs to address the much-needed green economy to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere through using less energy while providing the same performance. At their manufacturing facilities in Pretoria, MechCaL focuses on developing specialised fans made from advanced composite materials. Every fan is designed for a specification application tailored to suit the needs of each client by matching the required performance with maximum efficiency.

MechCaL has been awarded the prestigious Technology Top 100 award six times and has been a runner up four times. They have also won the Enabling Award from Frost and Sullivan. All of this success was garnered from reinforcing advances in technology to enable savings.

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