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Another jam packed edition on its way

Another jam packed edition of Mining Prospectus
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We’ve got another jam packed edition of Mining Prospectus coming your way next month as we tackle the green debate within South African mining: Are we really creating a sustainable mining environment and identifying ways to curb the harmful bi-products of Mining?
Acid Mine Drainage continues to plague Africa’s bourgeoning mining industry as development and profits outstrip the research done into possible environmental outcomes.  WITS University in Johannesburg may just have an answer, thou a pricy one. We decided to invite two professors to explain possible solutions to avoid contaminating our precious water sources.
Alternative Power sources for mining also come under the microscope as we track down Energyst CEO Gary Smith for an enthralling chat about all things power. When you mine in far Africa, you often need to bring your own electricity generation to avoid costly delays. 
As you’ve come to expect, we’ve assembled more of the finest mining minds for expert commentary and opinion that matters. Sasol has been one of the strongest performers of the fuel shares on the JSE.  We get polished stockbroker, Louis van Vuuren, to unpack their success. Meanwhile, Richard’s Bay has been establishing itself as one of the premier Southern African industrial ports. We take a closer look into the powerhouse of the East Coast. 
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