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Gabe Logistics is a newly established company, founded in 2017 by Thato Gabe, which later decided to partner with Masego Gaorekwe. Gabe’s passion for logistics and his exposure in the mining industry encouraged him to start his logistics company.


Their mentors, who have 15 years experience in the logistics business, have played a crucial role in ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the business industry in general.

To find out more we recently caught up with Masego Gaorekwe.

What are the keys to the safe transportation of coal in remote areas?

Minimise coal road transportation by sharing with the general population, which will automatically result in fewer road accidents. Minimising heavy hauls and the overloading of trucks to ultimately decrease road maintenance by public works and maintenance costs.

Where are the busiest areas for coal transportation?

Witbank, in the Mpumalanga Province, is the busiest area that produces a large percentage of coal in South Africa. The name Witbank was changed to eMalahleni, which means “A place of coal” in IsiZulu.

How best to include more rail in the moving of coal over long distances?

The driving force of moving coal by rail over long distances is that rail transportation is cost efficient, as large quantities can be moved at a time and it is more environmentally friendly. In contrast with road freight, there is a higher risk of accidents, a threat to public safety and the potential destruction of roads by trucks, which increases road maintenance.

Where is the biggest demand for the coal that you transport?

Anglo American

Looking into Africa, what are the challenges and opportunities in terms of mining logistics?

The challenges in mining logistics are increased electricity prices and wages, volatile global commodity prices, infrastructure limitations, and the environmental and social impact, for e.g. land degradation, air pollution, disruption of the ecosystem and deforestation. Production disruption, strikes and illegal mining are a few factors that highlight the social impact.

On the bright side, mining logistics will create employment, improve education, training and innovation, transform human settlements, and impact social and economic development, inclusive of the rural economy, etc.

How to ensure minimal environmental impacts from coal ‘leaking’ out of the back of trucks?

Water sprays can be used at each contact or transfer point along the conveyance system; automatic water sprays installed at the ROM hopper bin produce a fine mist to suppress dust generated; the use of a reclaim tunnel at the product coal stockpile and an enclosed conveyor to transfer coal, both of which minimise dust generation.

Which truck do you prefer using in your fleet?

The 34m3 Side Tipper Truck

What is the key to strong customer service and backup?

Providing outstanding customer service involves the ability to handle a business’ transportation and logistics needs in an efficient manner. Ensure that services are provided within the agreed timeframe; rules and regulations are considered and adhered to; trucks are maintained and serviced regularly to ensure delivery of products or services, consistently meet customer needs, and track and monitor the trucks. And, of course, the management of customer service feedback.

Plans for the next five years?

To build a profitable business enterprise which is a leader in its field, in order to ensure a fair return to shareholders and secure employment for employees.

Respect the principles of non-discrimination and consultation, and maximising individual potential through sound management practices and effective communication.

The company, as a designated employer, will undertake specific measures to create equity in employment, and employ and develop employees.

Expand the business throughout the nation and integrate to other logistics industries.

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