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Nweti Construction – an infrastructure and construction company to be reckoned with


Our biggest currency as a company and as a stakeholder is quality. It is through quality works that we continue to secure repeat business, harness and enhance our relationships with our partners, open up new horizons and build onto the next level”. These are the words of Vusi Motha, CEO of Nweti Construction.

Nweti is a wholly owned black infrastructure construction company founded in 2008 with a genuine desire to contribute positively to the lives of others. The company currently employs 200 people directly and 150 through various trade sub-contractors.

“Nweti continuously strives to be the best in what we do and therefore deliberately seek new and better ways of delivering timeously a quality product to our client without any compromise,” says Motha. “We have to become a hub of thought-leaders whose voice must be heard in the infrastructure space within the continent. It is this realization that has driven our sourcing of highly skilled and experienced individuals, strategic relationships with key players in the industry and our resolve to make research and development part of our continuous learning culture going forward.”

The company’s rapid growth trajectory to level 8 CEPE within a decade in the civil engineering construction area and expansion into various geographies within South Africa brought with it challenges and complexities that require a mindset change and clarity of the company DNA.

“We are very clear that we want to be the best but not necessary the biggest,” says Motha. “We are therefore careful to recruit and associate with highly driven, highly ethical professionals that take pride in what they do and full accountability for their actions. We acknowledge at the outset that we can never be too big to fail.”

Nweti’s core focus within the infrastructure and construction value chain is predominantly on civil engineering works covering:

  • Roads and bulk earthworks
  • Major stormwater management
  • Water reservoirs, waste water treatment plants and heavy concrete works
  • Bridges and other related structures.

“The quality of our works in the first phase of the Soshanguve project enabled us to secure repeat works in the second phase (currently in execution with expected completion in February 2019),” says Motha.

“In Mamelodi (east of Tshwane), we are expanding bridges and roads as part of the Bus Rapid Transport system (BRT) project. This project is extremely important as it is intended to improve ease of access into and out of Mamelodi, thereby driving economic activity that will hopefully reduce unemployment as well as a positive contribution to socio-economic development,” Motha continues.

“We are extremely excited and humbled to have been shortlisted and appointed for a project of such significance. It is literally a gateway to economic activity into and out of Mamelodi. The beauty of our industry is that we create landmarks that will be there for generations to see and benefit from. We believe this Denneboom project is part of our auto-biographical footprint that we will always be proud of,” concludes Motha.


Lougardia Building, 1262 Embankment Road ,Centurion Gauteng .0046
Telephone: 012 633 3446 Fax :- 012 633 6470
Email : admin@nwetigroup.co.za

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