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Roytec announces appointment with Gary Whitford


Roytec announces appointment with Gary Whitford

Roytec Global has announced the recent appointment of Gary Whitford to the position of Filtration Specialist with the company.

Gary has had a long career in Liquid/Solids separation, in particularly filtration and has held a number of senior posts with local & international companies – including 30 years in the Delkor group.

Peter Sampson (Roytec BD Director) says..”We are thrilled to have Gary on-board, he brings a wealth of experience and we regard him as the leading filtration specialist in our field.”

The appointment coincides with Roytec’s launch of the Roytec TXSY Tower Press into the African market. In cooperation with Asia’s largest filter supplier TXSY, Roytec is offering Tower Presses up to 168m2 area and has invested in laboratory and pilot plant test facilities for the local market.

Roytec Filter Presses for South African PGM refinery

Roytec has been successful in securing a contract for four Roytec Filter Presses to be installed at a South African PGM refinery.

The contract was won against strong international competition and addresses particular concerns the client had with current Filter Press operation & maintenance.

Roytec’s newly appointed Filtration Specialist, Gary Whitford reports… “Filter Presses have been used for decades in a wide range of applications in metal refineries and many times operators are less than happy with total cost of ownership and unit availability. Roytec’s approach is to investigate the application specific problems experienced and to design these out, for new projects. These particular filter presses will be designed and checked for conformance in conjunction with the client’s engineers, the frames are manufactured locally in 316L stainless steel and the filter plates are specially imported from Europe for this duty”   

Roytec’s range of Filter Presses also includes the “XY” range, manufactured in China to western standards. The Roytec XY filter presses are available up to 800m2 in size with full automation.

Roytec Thickeners for Kazakhstan

Roytec has announce a major export order for equipment destined for a gold recovery operation in Kazakhstan.

Hoosen Essack, Roytec Sales Director reported. ”The scope is for two 35 metre diameter high density thickeners, designed with increased side wall height for longer solids retention and equipment with our ultra-heavy duty drive heads. The Roytec High Density Thickener was chosen for its ability to produce a very high underflow solids concentration.’

This success comes on the back of projects for another dozen or so Roytec thickeners in various stages of design, fabrication or installation. Essack says “Our NextGen™ Thickener range, which incorporates the RadFlow™ feedwell, has given us a strong technical lead in thickening and this is evident in the growing international interest in the technology”

Roytec's RadFlow™ Feedwell in international demand

A major nickel producer in New Caledonia has installed two Roytec RadFlow™ feedwells as part of an upgrade project on two clarifiers working on their Nickel Laterite process plant.

The clarifiers are particularly heavily loaded and operate at rise rates in excess of 14m/h. The challenge facing Roytec was to install RadFlow™ feedwells to contain the inflow velocities and to dissipate the high energy generated as efficiently as possible. The RadFlows™ lived up to their growing reputation, and soon after re-start the clarifiers where producing on-spec overflow clarities of less than 100mg/l.

Mark Langton, Roytec Process Director has reported a very satisfied customer & the likelihood of further clarifier & thickener upgrades on the plant.

The RadFlow™ is a revolutionary vertical vane type feedwell which has been well proven in over 50 local applications to improve thickener/clarifier operation and reduce flocculant consumption.

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