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The rate of Qualification fraud has reached an alarming rate in South Africa, with multiple industry respected individuals being uncovered as having produced fake qualifications to climb the ladder. Fraudulent Certifications are illegal, for that reason alone, such happenings should be eradicated. However, over and above the legal aspect, this practice could also lead to life-threatening situations as unqualified people undertake work that requires specific knowledge to be completed accurately and safely.

The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association (SARACCA) was almost dragged in a similar scam. A vigilant employee at the Department of Public Works whilst checking the credentials of a tenderer who was in line for a maintenance contract found that the qualification certificate provided was false.

SARACCA’s Director, Barney Richardson, when shown the certificate, could immediately discern that the certificate with the SARACCA Logo and name was a fraudulent document.

“We are very encouraged that government departments are utilising associations such as SARACCA and SAQCC Gas to verify qualification” John Parry- SARACCA President

He also added; Corruption is rife and we must work together to rid SA of the scourge. We often assume that corruption and government go hand in hand, but it was the government who uncovered this fraudulent certificate by a private company. John Parry, who is also one of the directors at the Southern African Qualifications and Certifications Committee of Gas (SAQCC Gas) said in addition; we need to remove this notion that corruption is acceptable.

Fraudulent Certificates are inexcusable, SARACCA under its mandate has a vast range of Training providers dedicated to providing substantial and practical training that enables practitioners with the essential skills that refrigeration and air conditioning work requires. SARACCA has approved training providers specialising in areas of all A1 & A3 refrigerants on commercial, industrial, automotive and B2 Ammonia refrigeration. Training providers are situated in the Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape region. For information on training, visit

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