Mineral Regulatory Compliance course at UCT

Prof Hanri Mostert

The Professional Development Project of the Faculty of Law UCT, and Mineral Law in Africa in conjunction eMINING Solutions (Pty) Ltd, are offering a five-day course in Mineral Regulatory Compliance.

During this course participants will be introduced to the central concepts of South African Mineral Regulatory Compliance. They will be furnished with an in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation, policy and regulations. Participants will further also be provided with a comprehensive understanding of the specific compliance obligations intrinsic to these legal documents.

Compliance as a concept has far more intrinsic value and benefit than mere avoidance of regulatory disciplinary action and penalties. By embracing a holistic compliance culture companies enhance the quality of business operations, thereby not only ensuring organisational success but also cultivating a meaningful relationship with their industry regulators. Compliance should no longer be viewed as a necessary evil, but rather as a very important tool in the pursuit of good governance.

The course will start with a historical overview of the South African situation regarding mineral legislation. It will then explore in depth the current legislation, including the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28 of 2002, the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996, the National Environmental Act 107 of 1998, and all other relevant legislation and policy.

The course will be beneficial to anyone with an interest in the field, but will be of particular advantage to individuals who are active in the mining industry, and who are responsible for their respective organisations’ regulatory compliance.

Examination and certification

The course will culminate in a written assessment on the last day. A UCT certificate of completion will be awarded to all those who obtain 75% and above for the assessment. All other participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Presenter

Armand van As is a compliance specialist with eMINING Solutions who has been involved with, and garnered experience from, both the mining industry and regulators .

Course Convenor

Prof Hanri Mostert is a professor in the Department of Private Law. She has contributed to the most authoritative sources in the fields of South African land law and mineral law, addressing issues of constitutional property protection, landlessness, tenure security, restitution, nationalisation, land governance and mineral resource regulation. Her work has had impact both locally and internationally, through her involvement in the International Alliance for Land Tenure and Administration, and the support she provided to the South African Law Commission, the World Bank and various legal teams in international and national litigation on matters relating to mineral law and land law.

Her latest monograph, Mineral Law – Principles and Policies in Perspective (Juta, 2012) was cited with approval by the Supreme Court of Appeal and relied on extensively by the Constitutional Court in South Africa in a recent matter pertaining to the constitutionality of the transitional provisions to the Mineral and Resources Development Act 28 of 2002. Has have authored and contributed to a number of significant publications on mineral law, and has now embarked on a project to create a book series dealing with the mineral laws of Africa for Juta publishers. With the same publisher she is working on a series of opinion pieces on law, the first of its kind in South African legal publishing.

Prof Mostert is rated by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as an internationally renowned researcher. She held fellowships of the Commonwealth Programme, the Max Planck Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation. The South African Department of Science and Technology named her the runner-up for the Young Women in Science Award 2012.


We are offering this course twice in 2014:

1 to 5 September

3 to 7 November

The closing date for each of these presentations is one week before the course starts.


The course will presented at the University of Cape Town

Course fee

R15,000. This fee includes course material, parking and teas and lunches for the week.

Registration and enquiries

Please contact the Professional Development Project:

Paula Allen on 021 650 5558

Fax: 021 650 5513


OR visit our website:

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