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Reactore Solutions announces the release of their enterprise resource planning and management software solution for the mining industry - REACTORE.  Launched in April 2016, the modular system has been specifically developed for the operational, legislative and management requirements of the mining sector.

As quoted in the July/August issue of SA Mining, business development officer, Peter Moss promises “a comprehensive 360-degree offering which is able to integrate across an organisation’s entire hardware and software platform and provide real-time solutions across its human resources, assets and geological segments.”

“Typically mines have a value chain configured across a variety of independent resource and production information systems” says Moss. “This is problematic as it often requires working with non-uniform, often incomplete data and having to make timely manual interventions whilst trying to make informed manual decisions. Poor systems integration, working with isolated data views and a general lack of real time data reporting has made it difficult for mining companies to effectively manage and improve operations.”

Since establishment in 2013, Reactore Solutions has been researching individual mining businesses and global sector requirements for the development of bespoke technology solutions that resolve mining specific business challenges.

“In recent years, the global economy has pushed all industries to rationalise their operations and the mining sector has not escaped this requirement for survival,” says Moss. “Advances in technology have been key in this rationalisation process and have been successfully used to streamline operations, reduce downtime, drive down costs and increase profitability.”

Designed from the bottom up, in conjunction with miners, in a live mining environment, REACTORE provides specific modules or serves as a bridge between all major mining operational domains including HR management, Asset Maintenance, Facility Management, Mining Operations Management, Mine Planning and Budgeting, Assets and Personnel Tracking, Collision Avoidance, Health and Safety and legislative compliancy.

This “big data” approach in global mines that have embraced the technological curve is already leading to tangible results and with a REACTORE sale concluded in Bangalore, South India and more sales imminent, Moss concludes: “Whilst the South African mining sector is not lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of development – there is a definite need for integrated and powerful technology to optimise the planning and implementation of mining operations. We feel we are just getting started as we are continuously primed to leverage the latest technology to stave off the current economic crisis in the industry and to improve their bottom line.”

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