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Local ventilation specialists, TLT MechCaL and TLT ACTOM have announced the launch of a combined TLT-Turbo Africa brand that will offer clients across the African continent the combined expertise and innovation of these two industry leading firms.

TLT MechCaL and TLT ACTOM will now be known as a single entity; TLT-Turbo Africa. The new brand is line with the global identity of the German parent company to both firms, TLT-Turbo. “The re-branding of these separate entities will allow us to strengthen our offering across Africa,” says Managing Director, Luther Erasmus. “By combining our expertise and experience in the market we are able to scale our offering while leveraging the globally recognised TLT-Turbo brand.” 

Going forward, TLT-Turbo Africa will design, manufacture and install technology driven mining, industrial and power station fans and ventilation systems governed by a solutions driven approach. “We have been field proven to provide holistic ventilation solutions that are able to meet the challenges of the African market. Our high efficiency designs are able to outperform other products on the market while reducing CO2 emissions and achieving incredible power savings,” Erasmus explains.

TLT-Turbo Africa’s products and systems are suited for applications in mine ventilation, energy, thermal power plants, steelmaking and steel processing, chemical and petrochemical industrial processes, cement production, waste incineration, tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels and test stands. Fans and ventilation systems for these applications will be available under TLT-Turbo Africa’s mining solutions, industrial solutions and power station solutions offering.

In addition to the range of solutions, TLT-Turbo Africa will also deliver turnkey installation, after sales support and maintenance, and engineering services to provide a customised approach for each client.

TLT MechCaL was recently announced as becoming a global Composites Centre of Excellence (COE) for the TLT-Group and this will be preserved under the new brand in order to keeping driving research and development into the use of composites to produce more efficient ventilation product designs. “We will be able to leverage the fact that TLT MechCaL is a global composite Centre of Excellence so that our clients see the full benefits of the technological advancements that TLT MechCaL has consistently produced over the past decade,” Erasmus explains. All ventilation products that utilise TLT MechCaL composite components and designs will be branded as M-Series fans under the TLT-Turbo Africa offering.

“Marketing ourselves as a single entity under the TLT-Turbo Africa brand positions us to expand our footprint and leadership in the industry both in Africa and worldwide because we have unique innovations and product advancements that can now be applied to the full range of products offered by both TLT MechCaL and TLT ACTOM,” says Erasmus.

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