Umzamo Analytical Services Plan for African Invasion in 2016


After experiencing 400% growth in the local market over the past year, Umzamo Analytical Services has set its sights on clients beyond South Africa’s borders.

Umzamo Analytical Services (UAS) will focus on expanding their business into Southern Africa in the coming year.  Audrey Ndlovu, CEO of UAS who will be spearheading the process of targeting clients in the region says that everyone in the company is ready for the expansion. “Yes, there is competition for us in this region but with our expertise and professionalism in place we are ready to face it. We have the expertise and capacity and we use the latest technology and equipment. We also have the ability to be flexible and efficient without compromising the quality of our services,” says Audrey.

Audrey credits the 400% growth experienced by the company over the past twelve months while working within the South African market to their hands-on approach, passion for the industry, and their extensive knowledge in coal sampling and testing. “We have become synonymous with providing uncompromised, accurate, analytical results which bodes well for expansion as we have the opportunity to build on a solid reputation,” Audrey explains.

UAS has the capacity to offer the coal mining industry in Southern Africa coal analytical services that have quick turn-around times enabling factual, financially stable decision making for their clients. “We offer convenience and greater efficiency,” says Audrey. “We are able to set up on-site laboratories for our clients’ convenience.” In addition to this, Audrey believes that UAS’ high level industry accreditation including ISO17025 by SANAS and BBEEE Level 1 speaks to their capabilities and commitment to the industry.

“Another key strength that forms part of our offering to potential clients is our staff. The UAS team includes the best and brightest young graduates paired with individuals with years of relevant experience. Our senior management are all fully qualified for their positions and have also worked their way through the ranks giving them a complete understanding of the processes and procedures required by the industry,” Audrey concludes.


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