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Productivity in mining sector Digitalisation boosts productivity in mining sector
Innovation and technology are playing increasingly valuable roles in boosting performance and sustainable efficiency in mines throughout Africa. Schneider Electric, which has been
07 Feb 2019
Editor's Note 2018 in focus: More promise than production
Welcome to another edition of Mining Prospectus as we bid farewell to 2018, a year that promised much for South Africa’s mining sector after President Cyril Ramaphosa took
16 Jan 2019
Is mining still the goose that lays the golden egg? Mining Sector prevented the South African economy from going into recession.
Employment and production figures released for the second quarter of 2018 suggested that the Mining Sector prevented the South African economy from going into recession. This
16 Jan 2019
Editor's Note The wonderful women of mining
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite business-to-business mining bi-monthly, as we celebrate the tireless work and dedication shown by the many women of
19 Sep 2018
Tanzania Mining Tanzania Mining event to provide clarity on new legislation and regulations passed this year
The Tanzanian government has overhauled the fiscal and regulatory regime of its Mining sector this year. Under 9 new regulations which the mining ministry passed this year,
13 Jun 2018
Listing on the JSE offers versatile funding options The global mining industry recently had to endure a few lean years, but the recovery in commodity prices may be enough to wet its appetite for expansion again
Although heightened policy uncertainty has dampened the effects of the commodity price recovery on industry sentiment, investors appear to already be expecting improved
29 Nov 2017 - P. K.
Time to engage social issues The growing focus on managing social and environmental impacts in the male-dominated mining sector is creating entirely new fields of opportunity for female professionals and leaders
In the past few years, hardly a quarter goes by without the news headlines announcing another mine brought to a standstill—or a new project stalled—by public protest
20 Sep 2017
Resurgence in sector Junior mining set to benefit from resurgence in sector
After several years of a downturn in the mining and mineral resources sector, green shoots continue to appear off the back of a recovery in commodity prices which began in 2016,
09 May 2017
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training and Development in the Mining and Mineral processing sector
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson     Mandela In the words of the South African and
09 May 2014
Politics, labour holding business hostage Between rock and a hard place
The announcement by Anglo American Platinum of its latest restructuring plans has again underscored the level of political and labour pressure with which businesses have to contend.
28 May 2013 - S. T.


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