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A female force in the mining industry Having grown up in a mining village, mining is what Nomvuyo Ketiso came to know and love throughout her life. So when she was approached in 2013 to become a Director at Dyrex, there was no hesitation in her emphatic yes.
Since her appointment as Director, she has not looked back and is now the sole Director of Dyrex after her partner left the company. Driven to succeed is one way of explaining
12 Mar 2019
Mining for a better tomorrow today Dyrex digging deep to change the face of mining
Nomvuyo Ketiso is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the mining industry, having worked her way up from being a general worker to now being the Director of a mining
16 Jan 2019 - T. T.
Women in Mining 10th Annual Women in Mining conference
Intelligence Transfer Centre is celebrating our 10th Annual Women in Mining Conference which will be held on 20th-22nd February 2019 at Indaba Hotel, Fourways. Industry leaders
28 Nov 2018
Women in mining Cultivating an environment that promotes women in mining
In 1996, the first woman in South Africa was permitted underground and after only 22 years in the industry, it was ranked number one worldwide for female representation at board
11 Oct 2018
Editor's Note The wonderful women of mining
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite business-to-business mining bi-monthly, as we celebrate the tireless work and dedication shown by the many women of
19 Sep 2018
Doors open in mining for leaders to manage social risk The growing focus on managing social and environmental impacts in the male-dominated mining sector is creating entirely new fields of opportunity for female professionals and leaders like Vassie Maharaj, who is now a Director, partner and Principal Consultant in stakeholder engagement and social risk management at the highly respected SRK Consulting, based in Johannesburg
In EY’s 2016/2017 top ten business risks for the mining and metals sector, the social license to operate ranks fourth on the ranking. Maharaj’s contribution as a
13 Sep 2017 - S. B.
ED'S NOTE A time to lead
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite mining bi-monthly, as we celebrate the wonderful women of mining, who are increasingly demanding access to key roles
17 Aug 2017
Women in mining Harnessing the power within
The topic of empowering women is close to my heart and continues to be a strident theme.
24 Aug 2015
Female representation SA number one in the world
Worldwide South Africa’s mining companies continue to have the best level of female representation at board level followed by Canada, while Australia has the lowest percentage of women in executive management..
16 Aug 2015
WOMEN IN MINING The future of mining is now
Mining has always been assumed a male dominated domain. A throwback perhaps from early prospecting times, where wives were left at home while husbands went to seek their fortunes.
25 Aug 2014


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