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The Data Revolution: Are You Up To Speed? Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) professionals often find it challenging to justify the purchase of new software systems
In today’s data-driven world, it is vital for companies to be able to generate OHS data to ensure that the organisational goals of promoting a healthier and safer workforce
16 Mar 2017
Plan Early For Profitable Mines Good advice and quality data applied early in the planning phases set a mining project on track
The value of upfront input from experts is that developers and investors “find out what they don’t know” and gain the assurance that technical and financial
16 Mar 2017
Global mining tax trends 2017 The top 10 tax trends mining companies will face this year
Deloitte is pleased to announce the launch of the Global mining tax trends 2017. To keep pace with the evolving and complex tax environment and mitigate potential risks, mining
08 Feb 2017
Carrier-neutral data centres The key to unlocking Southern Africa’s connectivity potential
Recently, the telecommunications industry has seen a sweeping growth in data traffic on a global scale, attributable to the smartphone boom that has taken place over the last few
14 Sep 2016
ICT Geological and Plant data generation and evaluation workshop
All business decisions, from the control room to executive committee meetings are based on good quality data. The generation, evaluation and correct use of the data are however not that straightforward.
15 Aug 2014


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