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Virtual Gas Network Natural Gas: Fuelling the Future
Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fuel source that is formed deep beneath the earth's surface, it contains many different compounds, primarily methane. Although considered
14 Mar 2019
SA developing a world- first thorium fuel A South African (SA) company is designing a safe helium-cooled nuclear reactor that will use a locally designed pebble-based thorium/uranium fuel, replacing uranium as the primary fuel
This will provide a safer environment, without meltdown risk, such as that experienced at the Fukushima reactor in Japan. “The pebble fuel will be based on thorium, using
17 Jan 2017
Fuel supply Delivering over one million litres of fuel daily
Recognition of the role black industrialists have to play in our emerging economy, coupled with its commitment to reconstruct South African society to allow for more inclusive economic growth...
10 May 2016
Fuel Independent fuel wholesaler awarded first of its kind mining contract
Earlier this year saw one of South Africa’s larger independent fuel wholesalers, Gulfstream Energy, awarded sole supplier of a total fluid management solution to the Gamsberg Project site.
05 Nov 2015
OIL OTI PetroSmart Awarded Global Tender by Multinational Oil
The OilCo in question has embarked on a strategy to standardize its retail site architecture and as part of this process issued a tender for an AVI solution. EasyFuel Plus was selected...
20 Apr 2015
EVENTS Petro.t.ex Africa: Addressing SA’s Challenges
Africa’s petroleum and petrochemical industry faces many challenges, including climate change issues, fuel security and the falling oil price. These will be addressed at the upcoming Petro.t.ex Conference
22 Mar 2015
ENERGY Hundreds of thousands saved by well-oiled gears at Eskom’s Matla power plant
An intensive energy saving study conducted by Eskom and Castrol engineers at one of Eskom’s power stations, concluded that an annual energy saving of R377 000 can be obtained easily.
23 Jul 2014
Gilbarco signs purchase agreement with Automated Fuel Systems Group Opportunity for AFS and Gilbarco Veeder-Root to strengthen products and services
Gilbarco Veeder-Root has signed a definitive purchase agreement with Automated Fuel Systems Group (Proprietary) Limited (AFS Group), based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
19 Apr 2013
Trucking more for less Innovative idea for vehicles in the South African mining industry
The use of light materials such as aluminium and other innovative ideas have seen the appearance of some unusual on/off road vehicles in the South African mining industry recently.
08 Oct 2012 - U. R.


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