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UIGC bridges the scarce skills gap UIGC Mining is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Univen Innovative Growth Company (UIGC)
UIGC Mining is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Univen Innovative Growth Company (UIGC), incorporated with a direct mandate to invest and operate sustainable mining and mineral
28 Mar 2019
Mbuyelo Coal A cut above the rest
Their assets are considered a cut above the rest within the group, and worthy of being flagged on a public platform. The company’s vision is to draw investor interest and
20 Aug 2018
Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve reporting - SRK Miners must tighten up assurance on Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve reporting - SRK
As the mining sector enters a phase of renewed opportunity, it is more urgent than ever for miners and explorers to assure investors and stakeholders that their Mineral Resource
12 Mar 2018
Insights on Investing African Mining Indaba 2018 Indaba’s tone suggests brave new era for mining
Stronger mineral markets underpin a more upbeat mood at the Investing in African Mining Indaba underway in Cape Town, but the really important messages from opinion leaders at the
19 Feb 2018
The world is changing and that’s a fact 2017 was a whirlwind year for all South Africans with every single aspect of both personal and business life being disrupted by political, socio-economic and regulatory change and uncertainty
Many of the changes were anticipated and expected, some were predicted, and some may have caught people by surprise. Change and uncertainty have been particularly prevalent in the
19 Feb 2018
Health and safety Salica and its diseases
Silica is found in many sands, stones and rocks, and in the products containing them. The mineral is abundant, one of the most common on earth. The form of silica of concern to
20 Sep 2017
Women in mining Sustainability in mining is arguably one of the key topics of 2017 as companies battle with both environmental sustainability and the economy, with rising wages, social issues and the fluctuating rand playing havoc with long term predictions
One of the leaders in this message of sustainable mining is the knowledgeable Dr Jenny Broadhurst, Chief Research Officer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of
17 Aug 2017 - G. S.
Minerals industry needs certainty above all else The delay in passing the amended Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) and consequent compromise to the minerals and petroleum industries is a small price to pay for a celebrated democracy. Whilst Regulatory certainty is urgently needed, it cannot be traded for society’s right to transparency.
The recent Fraser Institute survey of mining globally has seen South Africa drop to 74th place out of 104 mining jurisdictions, down from last year’s 66 .  We now rank
11 May 2017
Mining opportunities in the North West Province 2017 marks the emergence of a new balance in the demand and supply for mineral resources as commodity prices make a steady recovery.
For the last century and a half, mining has been central to South Africa’s socio-economic development and objectives. While mining is still a significant driver in the
02 Mar 2017
MINING INDABA 2017 - Mike Fraser, President and Chief Operating Officer - Africa Region Creating shared value through effective collaboration
Mike Fraser, President and Chief Operating Officer - Africa Region, presented the following address to the illustrious gathering of government officials and industry stakeholders
10 Feb 2017


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