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Port assets fuel exploration The oil and gas sector is the fastest growing in South Africa
The oil and gas sector is the fastest growing in South Africa, and a slew of recent announcements show that the vision for the Saldanha Bay is already bearing fruit for the
20 Aug 2018
MEDIA RELEASE SANEA proud of many accolades!
During an interview today, Brian A Statham, Chairman of the South African National Energy Association (SANEA) boasted with the achievements and activities of SANEA.
21 May 2015
OIL AND GAS The Cure for Low Oil Prices?
The price per barrel of Brent crude oil had been above US$100 for a number of years and seemed relatively stable around that area, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil had also seen spikes above US$100
15 Dec 2014
OFFSHORE Pulling out all the stops in Saldanha Bay
DCD Marine Cape Town has built up a loyal client base with some of the world’s largest shipping and offshore drilling companies
16 Jul 2014
OIL AND GAS Attracting international big business for Western Cape
Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, addressed an award ceremony recognising local rig repair company, DCD Marine Cape Town, for their efforts in attracting a R1 billion investment into the WP.
03 Jul 2014
Saldanha Bay IDZ Boost for jobs, growth
President Jacob Zuma officially launched the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) at Saldanha Bay on South Africa's south-western coast on Thursday.
04 Nov 2013
Efficiency in mining study How to improve Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
An international effort to ensure good governance of natural resources could do more to improve accountability and sustainability (IIED.
20 Sep 2013
Offshore drilling Watertight deepsea Metro 1 drilling rig upgrade and repair
There are multiple logistical challenges associated with mobilising a drilling rig maintenance crew to an offshore location. The ability to meet and overcome these challenges is paramount.
08 May 2013
International co-operation Mega refinery deal on the cards for SA and China
South African state oil company, PetroSA, and China's Sinopec Group took another step toward creating Africa's largest oil refinery, after the two firms signed an agreement in Pretoria
28 Mar 2013


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