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Emerging Communities In Africa Green Water Supply For Emerging Communities In Africa
There is a shortage of water in Africa and going forward we need Green and Sustainable Solutions for reducing the shortage. Of all the water on Earth, just 2.5% is fresh water,
02 Dec 2019
Recycling Waste Water Recycling Waste Water the Key to Water Security
Could it be that recycling the water we have is the key to water availability relief for the Cape region – as opposed to imposing increasingly stricter and potential
05 Mar 2018
Water Sustainability: How secure is mining? Water Sustainability: How secure is mining?
With increased concern surrounding the planet’s environmental state and especially global warming, an emphasis is being placed on sustainability. No more so than the topic
06 Jul 2017
Editor's Note An unforgettable year to forget
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite quarterly mining publication. I’m happy to be able include some positive news from the mining industry of late
17 Jan 2017 - G. S.
African projects get larger and more complex Miners need to talk, as African projects get larger and more complex
As developers look for opportunities in larger mining projects in Africa, they face increasing levels of complexity that place new hurdles in their path - whose resolution cannot
27 Oct 2016
Xylem’s market-leading Flygt 2000 Dewatering Pump Range Enhanced and Unveiled at Electra Mining Africa
Xylem Water Solutions South Africa debuted enhancements to its market-leading Flygt 2000 drainage pump range at the Electra Mining Africa Expo this year. The new and improved
22 Sep 2016
Video interview Anil Singh, Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation interview
Anil Singh, Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation interview with Mining Prospectus editor Gregory Simpson at the 2016 Mining Indaba.
09 Sep 2016
Water Quality Ozone technology at a glance:
The quality of water available for human consumption is deteriorating worldwide. Levels of microbiological contamination in water bodies show an increasing trend, while bacterial
12 Jul 2016
News Modular plug-and-play solution for industrial water treatment
n order to be more environmentally sustainable, the mining and mineral processing industry is focusing more on ways to minimize impact on the surrounding environment. Outotec has combined its unique....
23 May 2016
Environment Technology to sustain underground trovesm of water
As the amount of water extracted from South Africa’s aquifers rises rapidly, new technologies will have to be applied to help manage and sustain these national treasures, and mines will have a role to play in s
20 Jul 2015


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