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Mineral resource consulting Sean Duggan, Director of Zstar Mineral Resource Consultants interview
Expert Geologist Sean Duggan, Director of Zstar Mineral Resource Consultants chats to Mining Prospectus editor Greg Simpson.
12 Oct 2018
Is Mining Really Cleaning Up Its Act? Environmental risks face mining operators, and those living in close proximity to operations, with much publicised acid mine drainage (AMD) problems and knock-on effects for a water table under attack
Pollution of ground and surface water from AMD, and contaminated dust and soil from mine dumps, have exposed residents living around the mines and on the waste dumps to high
16 Mar 2017
Rising Gold May Still Pan Out Long Term After a strong start to 2016 prices lost some of their lustre.
Brexit had been a strong catalyst for the spike in demand. Gold-price volatility also increased leading into the US presidential election in early November. After it became
16 Mar 2017
Press release Ncamiso Mining Adds Value through Recovery and Remediation
Local mining and raw material processing firm, Ncamiso, has joined forces with Mintails Mining SA- to carry out vital Ncamiso cc services in order to ensure maximum gold recovery as well as environmental....
17 May 2016
OPINION Work ethic re-think
The Christmas break directly impacted gold production in South Africa and resulted in a 25% quarter-on-quarter decrease in gold production during the first quarter of 2015.
17 Jun 2015
COMMENT Taking the long view of mining in Africa
Commenting from the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town, BME international business manager Charles Hurly said that the big picture remained positive, with population growth set to drive commodity demand...
12 Feb 2015
INVESTMENT Golden opportunity
In terms of wealth of natural resources, South Africa is comparable to Israel. In 2009, the Western Asian country struck oil when a team of geologists drilled the Earth somewhere in Jerusalem.
03 Jan 2015
LOCAL NEWS Special economic zone for SA's plantinum belt
A special economic zone (SEZ) is to be established in the Rustenburg platinum belt in the North West, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies announced ​last week.
29 Sep 2014
MINERAL TRADING No capitulation for conflict gold
People familiar with the devastating impact of blood diamonds will most likely ask their jewellers for certificates proving that their ring or pendant hasn’t fuelled civil war or human rights violation.
22 Sep 2014
Online auctions Leading Online Mining Auctioneering Company Continues to Break Ground
As with the SAA mission of ‘Bringing the world to Africa and taking Africa to the world’, a local company just 2 years old has adopted a similar stance for institutional mining and equipment sales.
19 Aug 2014


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